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Wize Recruitment is a creative crowd staffing-based employment method. We are actively connecting applicants, managers, and recruiters, thanks to an international group of experts, to make the best of their combined ability. To dominate the field in all stages of engineering procurement, from specialized engineering specialists to senior executives, our engineering division hires technical experience and specialized hiring techniques. In Canada, there are plenty of fantastic factory workers in plenty of great industries. How are we going to know? And we've got a long list to complete for vacant vacancies. Needless to mention, we are pleased that you are here! In many sectors, we employ companies in practically every state. We have a place for you, whether college isn't or wasn't your thing and you're willing to get your hands dirty, whether you have an advanced professional degree and years of experience.

About Us

Our foreign expertise involves positioning applicants in more than 60 countries including local and expatriate citizens. This involves engineers in the automobile sector promoting European-based projects and the automobile specialists supplied to the Chinese market. We're able to help the Chinese and Mexican automotive industries from our offices in Beijing and Mexico City.

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Our Mission

What we can do for you

We hire small or large volume temporary, conditional, fixed-term or permanent positions Whether you are looking for help with a one-off placement, have several urgent roles to fill, or need help with designing and implementing a talent strategy as part of your growth plan, we will work with you to meet your recruitment needs in collaboration.


Recruitment of technical expert

As engineering specialist recruiters, we know the industry from within and appreciate the mix of skills employers require; whether they need to quickly assemble a project team or recruit someone with niche, hard-to-find engineering skills.

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What Makes Us Special
For Business

Recruit effectively and find exactly the employees you need

For recruiters

Implement projects flexibility and work for well-known brands

for candidates

Find your dream job and broaden your skills

Our Services

The cumulative expertise of our experienced recruiters helps us, regardless of business and location, to retain perhaps the most difficult-to-reach applicants. Do you want an executive with advanced skills? Do you need to search, in a short time, a significant number of candidates? Wize Recruitment will help you attract up to 50 candidates a month, thanks to our group of recruiters. With a thorough skill test that can show you how qualified you are for remote jobs, remove the company risk of recruiting the wrong employee. Review of the predispositions of the applicant based on criteria defined by remote job experts.

Investment planning
Strategic approach
Simple Business Solutions
Why choose Us

The concept of crowd staffing enables them to integrate all the possible options for recruiting and to expand the scope of recruiting projects. Our programs consist of several elements that are customized to each client's specific needs.

cooperation with top experts

The culture of Wize Recruitment attracts    specialists who are typically unavailable    to agencies and internal HR teams. In our  ventures, we include experts who are          familiar with sector trends and have 

multiple years of experience in the chosen field.

increased reach

We use all the right solutions for recruiting and give our consumers a solution 

customized to their particular needs. We   only provide our customers with applicant that are qualified, interested, and 


guarantee of success

Our billing model obliges us to have the 

best quality guidelines. Thanks to this, we 

ensure the project's completion and do 

not pursue recruiting tasks that we will not be able to fulfill.

Projects Completed
Years of experience

A great resource is the Wize Recruitment team. They are engineers and communicators who are extremely trained. Their passion for the project and determination was inspiring. Customers. They have done great work and they are very co-operative.

Abella Smith Assistant Manager

Creation attempts at Wize Recruitment were met with positive acclaim. The production team was sensitive, competent, and parts of the project were easy to complete. Thorough project management and excellent coordination are provided by them.

Joel dawson Sales Manager

Wize Recruitment succeeded in improving and growing its skills in the dynamic scheme. The team has a strong technological experience, especially in the technologies used in this project, and the results have been of high quality.

Misha Cross Manager