Wizerecruitment offers versatile recruiting, without cost.

We find the right worker for the role, without the expense when you need to recruit staff.

We know how important it is, and how difficult it can be, to find the right person for your company.

Our teams are based across Canada and, on behalf of the Ministry of Social Justice and Department of Corrections, offer recruiting services at no cost to employers.

We recognize that every corporation and culture is distinct and our jobs program differs based on the company's venue.Wherever you are based, our screening and job-matching systems are often personalized to your organization to produce the most qualified worker for your team when you work with us.

Our committed career advisors get to know their environment and the surrounding work markets.

They work with you and learn as easily as possible about your company's needs and fill your positions with measured and ready-to-work workers.


Enable your company to hire 


We understand the complexities of finding your company with the right people.

We are working with you to promote recruiting and provide the company with the right solution. Our recruiting programs at no expense include: 

  • Screening and review before jobs.
  • Resource growth and job preparedness.
  • Jobs dedication.
  • Work suits together.
  • Positioning of workers.
  • Workplace research and performance.
  • Ongoing help until a worker begins.
  • Your local career consultant will clarify how we will assist your company when you work with Wizerecruitment.

Our consumers and their companies are always welcome to meet us. We want to know the knowledge and knowledge you are looking for, for your staff and working environment. Wizerecruitment experts will support job-seeker work interviews and trials. We may also serve as a source in reporting successful or unsuccessful applications to job seekers. You may be sure with Wizerecruitment that we can find your team the right guy.

To Support You

When you recruit a new team member, our service does not end.

Wizerecruitment is proud to provide robust support resources after deployment, including:  

1. Take time to settle with the employee. 

2. Matching the ability of the employee to fulfill the criteria for the work.

3. Support with any concerns, if possible. 

4. You and your employee are kept in contact for up to 12 months, receiving aid, support, and advice from the nearest Wizerecruitment job specialist.  


By offering sustainable employment options, we evaluate our success. This is why we assist in placement before and during the induction phase. 


Contact us today to learn how to help your business.

Wizerecruitment has a determination to enable disadvantaged people and their well being to do their work.

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