About Us
About US

Our foreign expertise involves positioning applicants in more than 60 countries including local and expatriate citizens. This involves engineers in the automobile sector promoting European-based projects and the automobile specialists supplied to the Chinese market. We're able to help the Chinese and Mexican automotive industries from our offices in Beijing and Mexico City.

Why choose Us

Optimize the process of acquiring new workers by coordinating with a group of foreign HR practitioners. Recruiting can be more effective, easier, and more competitive thanks to Wize Recruiting.

Find your dream bid, submit to the recruiting process, and continue smoothly. At any step of the process, Wize Recruitment specialists will assist you and help you make the greatest impact on your potential boss.

Enter the group of experienced recruiters. By introducing external projects and operating on your terms, use your expertise.

Our international experience includes placing candidates, both local and expatriate residents, in more than 30 countries. This includes engineers assisting American-based ventures in the engineering field and technical professionals provided by the Canadian industry.

Operational Excellence

As engineering specialist, we know the industry   from within and appreciate the mix of skills         employers require; whether they need to quickly assemble a project team or recruit someone     with niche, hard-to-find engineering skills.

Continuous Growth

   Our parent organization, provides workplace      approaches to the development industries. We can help whether you are looking to simplify the way you manage your contingent workforce or      consider how to implement a permanent state.

Team of experts

Apart from securing the skilled people you     need, you can save yourself the trouble of    dealing with multiple recruitment agencies   and use your time instead to focus on your   core priorities.

market Research

    As engineering recruitment specialists with    more than 30 years of engineering job market     experience, we can provide you with detailed              market insight that can help inform your          business strategy.

24/7 Support

This Project helps businesses overcome specific technological and organizational problems by   offering research packages focused technologyin their name. We always support you whenever you need us.

100% Satisfaction

   Our Innovation Management team has more             than 20 years of experience in delivering          temporary and permanent recruiting solutions          for companies working in various vertical       industries.

Projects Completed
Years of experience

A great resource is the Wize Recruitment team. They are engineers and communicators who are extremely trained. Their passion for the project and determination was inspiring. Customers. They have done great work and they are very co-operative.

Abella Smith Assistant Manager

Creation attempts at Wize Recruitment were met with positive acclaim. The production team was sensitive, competent, and parts of the project were easy to complete. Thorough project management and excellent coordination are provided by them.

Joel dawson Sales Manager

Wize Recruitment succeeded in improving and growing its skills in the dynamic scheme. The team has a strong technological experience, especially in the technologies used in this project, and the results have been of high quality.

Misha Cross Manager